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Families are my focus.  Whether it be a family as a whole or the individuals that are a part of it, I love capturing the uniqueness of each one.


Is there anything as precious as a new baby?  The tiniest of details are a favorite of mine and I strive to preserve them for the years ahead when little hands will become busy and little feet will walk through life’s adventures.  Children soon grow and evolve into unique little people and each one has a personality that I try to capture.


In the blink of an eye, a teenager is standing where a baby once lay.  Senior photos are a landmark of life and it’s my quest to portray each high school senior as a unique individual.


Each family has its own dynamic and I challenge myself to notice the subtle details of relationships between the members.  The relationship between a mother and daughter is different than the one between a father and a daughter and likewise with a son and each parent.  Siblings always have their own unique relationships and these make my role as a photographer truly enjoyable.


I tend to shy away from strictly posed portraits whenever possible, but am open to hearing about the vision you have for your family’s photos.  I feel that unposed photos tell more of a story.  I hope you enjoy looking through my portfolio.